Ultrasonic Dog Whistle with Adjustable Pitch for Safe Pet Training

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Enhance your pet's potential and make training fun with our Dog Training Whistle

Are you tired of ineffective training methods for your furry friend? The Professional Dog Training Whistle is here to make your life easier! This whistle is engineered to produce high-frequency sounds that are audible to the human ear but not loud. Dogs are naturally sensitive to these sounds and will quickly respond to your commands.


Professional Dog Training Whistle

This whistle produces high-frequency sounds that are audible to dogs, making it an ideal tool for training and communication.

Stops your dog's bad behavior

This dog whistle is an effective tool for teaching your dog to follow your commands and to stop barking by ultra-sonic sound, prevent annoying misbehavior and training your dog with an effective and easy way.

Powerful Ultrasound Range

The  Whistle has a powerful ultrasound range that can be heard up to 3km away. This feature makes it an ideal tool for outdoor training and communication with your pet.

Safe and Durable

The whistle is made of safe, rust-free materials and has a sleek design that is both functional and stylish. It is also durable, ensuring long-lasting use for you and your pet.

Adjustable Frequency

The adjustable frequency feature allows you to train your pets with different commands,
You can train your pet to respond to specific sounds, giving you greater control over their behavior.

Easy to carry 

The whistle is small and lightweight, making it easy to carry with you on the go. 


  1. Enhance dog's potential through effective training
  2. Establish a great relationship between owner and dog
  3. Make training fun with the help of the whistle
  4. Good tool for communication and training with your dog

How to use the Dog Whistle:

  • Adjust pitch & blow the whistle to test for dog's hearing frequency
  • Vary whistle sequences to train dog commands (e.g. long burst = "come", short bursts = "sit")
  • Consistency in whistle commands will help dog understand expectations
  • Train dog's behavior through whistle commands, such as blowing before meal time

Specification :

  • Material: Stainless steel
  • Product Weight:15 g
  • Color: Silver
  • Animal Type: Dog
  • Length:  2.36 inch

Ultrasonic Dog Whistle with Adjustable Pitch for Safe Pet Training

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